African Evaluation Database

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The database currently contains:

849 articles
3029 reports
190 theses

Total: 4068 documents

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If you have any queries, the AfrED team may be contacted at


We would also like to extend an invitation to any person from an African country who has produced an evaluation report or evaluation article that is not currently in our database, to submit such documents to us for possible inclusion in the database. You are welcome to send such documents to Tikwiza Silubonde at


The AfrED system is divided into three document types. To view or search all documents, irrespective of their type, use the Documents collection.

To search according to values in different fields using boolean logic, use the advanced search function.

Evaluation Articles

AfrED contains information on journal articles in the field of M&E that were published in peer-reviewed journals and indexed either in the Web of Science or Scopus databases.

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Evaluation Reports

Evaluation reports included in AfrED refer to evaluations and reviews of programmatic interventions in Sub-Sahara Africa that have been commissioned, funded and placed in the public domain.

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Evaluation Theses

AfrED has recently begun to include doctoral theses or dissertations in the field of M&E. All of the theses to be included will have been authored by a candidate at an African university.

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